Awesome Account! 20 Rune pages All champs 90+Skins Diamond last season! Offer

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Hey guys! I recently quit league of legends and started with diablo. I dont find league of legends that entertaining anymore since none of my friends play it anymore. So i have decided to sell it!

20 Rune pages
All champs
90+Skins (Pulsefire ezreal, Firefighter Tristana, Blood lord Vladimir) and ALOT of 975 skins! Spent over 400 Euro on Skins
Diamond S3 ( This means you got the Diamond border this season which people look up to while playing ex normal games)
Platinum 1 raiting season 4 At the moment, good MMR!
The account is in good standing no bans etc

That is my account which is up for sale! I dont know what price yet so just messege me an offer or maybe ad my skype! And ofcourse will this trade be done safely so we both feel secure.

My Skype: Ashvir_The_King Please dont add if you are not serious. I dont have time for that.

I accept Paypal as payment bank transfer or other offers.

I can provide any pictures needed for you to feel secure