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Whats up guys, I am hosting my Amazon Refund Service.

If you have purchased things on amazon and would like to get your money whilst keeping your item than you found your man.

What's the point in my service? I memorized Amazon's policy and have been able to get free items by getting refunds and not having to send the item back. (Returnless-refund)
I am a pro and have been doing this for a long while. I have private methods built by me and from the inside out, (meaning I have people that work at Amazon providing me loop holes to get refunds done safely) There isn't any risk to you or your amazon account.

-Do you need access to my amazon account?
No, our customers keep full control of their account, we only need specific amount of information such has order number, email, address, etc. (Via Screenshare/anydesk) If you feel uncomfortable at any time you can kill the remote access.
-How do I trust you?
I have been doing this for years and have thousands of customers who have used my service, they provide screenshots of their refund as proof.
-Is my wallet involved?
No, during refunds the money is returned back to the balance.
-What is the oldest refund and the largest?
My personal best dated all the way back to 2002 and the most priced refund was $1,500.
If you have any other questions feel free to contact me on discord @Diyoza#6077.
Feel free to join our public discord if you are interested in our service.
Discord link-
I am able to refund in most modern countries, but I am currently seeking US, CA, and EU has my main customers.
Few vouches

These are justa few out of the thousands of refunds that ive done over the years. 100% success rate and large orders usually get done under 20 minutes. Join the public discord and feel free to ask questions.

PMing me is the best way get a refund as I have a large queue


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BUMP! IF anyone has existing orders on amazon be sure to join my discord. You keep %100 of the refund, no percentages like these bull public method services.