✔✔ Cheap WoW Classic Power leveling 1-60 399$ 8-10 days & LOW Prices & 100% SAFE ✔✔

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Here at MMORPG-Leveling.com you can buy WOW Classic Power leveling at favorable prices. Of course, you have the ability to specify times when you want to play your WOW Classic character yourself. Our WOW Classic Powerleveling experts work without bots and other illegal aids. All found items remain in your possession!

WOW Classic level 1-60 399$ 8-10 days

WOW Classic level 1-50 299$ 6-7 days

WOW Classic level 1-40 199$ 4-5 days

SKYPE: Amygameservice

EMAIL: Customer-help@outlook.com

WEBSITE: www.mmorpg-leveling.com

please come to our live chat to let us know, we give you some discount.


1. Your In-Game items, currency, etc. will not be lost.

2. We do not use bots. We have workers who level up your account completely by their own hands.

3. We will keep all of the items on your account during the leveling.Never move gold or gears.

4. We will start your order within 10-15mins after order received.

5. We send progress with your charcter screen shot to your email per 24 hours.

6. We log on your account with VPN, use the same IP with yours.