♦ Cheapest placements - Chivalrous Boosting ♦ 20-30% sale + giveaway and coupon.

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Servers: Euw, Eune, NA, TR, Rus, BR, LAN, LAS

Our site: http://chiboost.net/ (giveaway on site just scroll down a bit)

Discord (customers only): https://discord.gg/5Q72YPD

* Proficiency: We're disciplined organization with only high elo boosters, every single one of our boosters is at least d2 on major regions and master/challenger on smaller regions (EUNE, BR, TR, RUS).
* Speed You can always order or contact us either through our site at: http://chiboost.net/ which is the quickest way to get booster working on your account or if you wish to negotiate or have specific request you can join our customers discord server.
* Security: We always use VPN, offline mode and don't change any of your settings for maximum security.
* No bans: We had 0% ban rate last season thanks to our antiflame policy and detailed guidelines for boosters
* Speed: Usually you need to wait for up to 1 minute for response and 90% of orders is finished within 7 days from payment.
* Discounts: On average basis we post coupons on our twitter: @ChivalrousBoost or facebook https://facebook.com/ChivalrousBoosting/

You can use this coupon at our site during checkout or at discord by contacting Sir Bertrand.

**Coupon: NewSeasonMadness**

Other ways to contact us:

Email: Chivalrousboosting@gmail.com

Skype: Chivalrous Boosting

If you are a booster and you want to apply please join here: https://discord.gg/x2w274z

Link to vouche thread: