Console or PC?

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Console vs PC

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Works with any TV or monitor (even multiple of each)
Works with any controller
Free online services (Steam, Galaxy, Desura, Mumble, etc)
Better featured online services
Localized multiplayer, up to 16 players
Using a modern GPU yields 60+ frames per second during gameplay. Consoles can barely handle 30.
Usable for work, education, as well as entertainment
Faster than a PS4 or XBox One, even for $400
Cheaper games (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle)
Better-rated games (by metascore)
More exclusive games
Healthy independent developer scene
Tons of free and free-to-play games
Free abandonware titles
Larger game library, ten-fold
Emulates any console game for free
Cheaper hardware
Big Picture mode for couch gaming
Easier to repair
Very modular
Backward and forward hardware compatibility of ~2 years
No punishments for repairing
Can be upgraded if desired
Easier to upgrade
Better price-performance than consoles
Higher framerates (smoother)
Higher resolution (native to your display, amazingly sharp)
Higher graphical details (lighting, textures, foliage, particles, shading, weather)
You're probably going to own some sort of PC anyways, why not pay a bit more on top to make it a gaming machine? That alone makes it cheaper than a console.



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If I could choose from these 2 options, I would definitely choose the personal computer. It is much more comfortable to use and has much more functions than a console. Moreover, there are much more games for PC. Also, it's not comfortable to play such kind of games like shooters on a console. The MMORPG's don't even exist for the console, but I like such games like MU online. I have now found a list of best mu online private servers and enjoy this wonderful game, which is not possible on a console.