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Want to make $1 literally just watching a video?

All you need to do is signup on the link below, procced by registering an account, from there you just watch the video, he will then ask you to share a post to facebook and twitter, immediatly after sharing to twitter, you will see $1 in your paypal, you can continue to watch more videos and earn more money aswell!



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lol, I like how the non-ref link is so tiny, but I'll click your ref link :3
I'll post later if this works or not.
UPDATE: It worked, and the money was added to my account.
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I understand every penny helps but sseriously you waste so much time doing the dam thing it makes it pointless just for like 0.79p :/
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Set up multiple Virtual machines, open multiple instances of VPNs, watch vids on all, profit? ez?
Okay, well I can pump out like a fresh email and a fresh paypal account once every 5 minutes or so, which makes this $14 an hour I guess? but not worth the effort of having to go through proxies etc, if they have that (which i'm pretty sure they will)