Galaxy s7 a full flexible device

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Samsung and the flexible display technology
Samsung, as a global leader in smartphone technology, is growing fast on the technology market and acquire new adepts day by day. The most amazing device has been shown this year and could be called the best Samsung device ever, the greatest Galaxy S6 EDGE. As I said, Samsung is developing its technology and more than that, promise than will release a new flexible display. Galaxy S6 has been shipped in over ten million units to distributors and retailers, in both variants, S6 and S6 EDGE.
S6 EDGE is an amazing device with curved display and high-end technology, released in April 2015 with only 7 mm thickness and no more than 132g. The curved display is measuring 5.1ā€ and 1440 x 2560 pixels. Another top specification is 16 MP camera, 3GB or RAM, and a 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery-all of the powered by an Exynos processor, the new 7420 Exynos CPU.
This is the present-shall we talk about the future?
The next device from the ā€œSā€ series will feature a flexible display, according to a Samsung executive official announce. For the next device, Samsung could feature a new type of display and a new kind of phone body.