How to SE RedBull

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Hello PrimeForums

I'm going to be telling you how to easily SE Redbull,
Okay so before we start make sure you have at least 1 can of redbull then go ahead to redbulls website (Different for locations)
And find "Contact Us" input your infomation (Use a fake name) And when you get to the message part, your going to want to make up some bullshit excuse EXAMPLE:
I purchased a 6 pack of redbull and I opened the can, and the drink was really watery and tasted like chemicals. JUST AN EXAMPLE please use something original.
Once you sent they should get back to you within 24 hours. Asking if you own at least 1 of the can purchased.

Now this is why you need to buy just 1 can from the shop.
They will ask for the code on the bottom of the can once you have given it to them they will say thanks, ask for your address
And they will send you a replacement 6 pack of redbull.

I have done this around 7 times now.. and best part is.. you can just use a code of the bottom of the already SE'd cans
to do it again :) (Use a new email and twist your excuse.)​