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As I begin to post more guides and tutorials on Prime Forums, I will update this thread. This will eventually become a very detailed index of all the guides I've created - and any that I create in the future. I will also use this as a place to keep track of guides that need to be further worked on, and as a way to perfect the quality of any future guides.

White Hat and Networking:
These are guides that relate to anything from network analysis, to system exploitation and anything else covered by the title.​

These are general programming guides that don't actually relate to a specific language.​

How random numbers are generated - sub-guides:
AS3 Programming:
These are programming guides that relate to ActionScript 3, Flash, and AIR.​

Pseudo-Random Number Generation AS3 Example (split into two guides & add downloadable examples - IDE guide).

PHP Programming
These are programming guides that relate to PHP.​

Pseudo-Random Number Generation PHP Example (need to add downloadable example).

I'd also like to use this thread as a place for people to request guides - so please feel free to ask for anything. I will be writing a whole lot more stuff when I have time/think of things to write about.​


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Updated all links, due to the fact PF uses thread id's in the URL's now. They should all work fine again.

Also going to look into adding more guides to this in the near future.