Just got a 100$ On amazon 4 free.

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Yves: Do you have gift card claim code ?
Me: Sorry, i can't provide it because i no longer have the code.
I kept 6091228481741243 in my note-pad
Yves: Oh I see, if you want I can process a form to the appropriate team so you can have the amount be applied to your account.
Would that be fine ?
Me: Yes sir,
Yves: Let me process this quickly for you.
Me: How much money will be put onto my account, the card was 35$
And my other 100$.
Yves: Yes, that will be noted also here on the form.
Me: Can you put it was 100$?
Yves: Yes.
Me: So they'll know.
Thank you, and will it just be pre-provided on my account.
So i can buy whatever? Without a credit-card or something.
Yves: Yes, but you may want to wait for the response and confirmation about the funds being applied to your account within 1-2 business days.


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Haha, good idea. Anyways yeah guys i'll do a simple guide. It was really easy. And i just got another 100$ Will link you all to it when done!

Bam, hope it works for all you lads. Enjoy!