New OS?


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Do you guys think there will be another new OS soon, by that I mean not another version of Linux but a new infrastructure?

I was talking to some friends about this, we agreed that there probably is some obscure stuff out there but it'll be years before it gets the same recognition as Linux and even longer to take down Windows or Mac.


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The two main OS's are Windows and Mac.
It will be a long time before anyone else comes closes to competing with them.

Can't say much about Linux as I've never used it.
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Mac is basically a closed source of Linux. Linux will ALWAYS be used for servers and many people will choose it over windows/osx just for its adjustability and being able to do anything with it.

As for new ones, there are constantly new linux distros but I can't really see anything different. Unless Windows rebrand I don't see something completely new that doesn't look or feel like anything else coming out


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Has nobody heard of ReactOS? It's basically an OS designed for compatibility with Windows programs, but without actually having Windows. A very political project.

It was built literally from the bottom up though, it's not a Linux dist.