{NEWS} The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 arrives, guns smoking!

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Few product announcements garner as wide-reaching interest as do Samsung's Note series, and for a while now that's been simply attributed to the line's high-end status. But that's probably not all there is to it, as timing is an equally important ingredient. Sure, we usually think of Samsung's other high-end line, the S series, as just as impressive, but the truth is that the Note line has, since its conception, consistently outshined it.

And that's what we mean by timing. By putting half a year worth of time between its S and Note line announcements, Samsung has ensured that as soon as the appeal of the former starts wearing off, it already has something even better up for grabs. Yes, it's a different form factor, but the truth is that the line that distinguishes a phablet from a "normal-sized" flagship is starting to evaporate. Even without knowing anything specific about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, all of this suggests that it will, like its predecessors, reap massive success. The only difference today is that we now do know most everything there is to know about the Note 4, and let us tell you this: it doesn't disappoint.

Samsung started off its presentation with the design of the Note 4, which is an evolution over the Galaxy S5, but with a few twists. For one, the Note 4 has a metal frame around its profile, and the back is notably different. It really reminds of the faux-leather the company originally used with the Note, but it's not exactly the same. From what we can tell right now, it's still not real, actual leather, so don't hold your breath there. Samsung also made the Note 4's weight and thickness known: 176 grams and 8.5 mm, respectively.

As you can imagine, multi-tasking the S-Pen, which Samsung boasts has become iconic is superior to your fingers for input, were another two points on the company's agenda.

Starting with the S-Pen, Samsung claims that the 5.7-inch, Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) resolution AMOLED display is now more sensitive than ever, and writing with the S-Pen should feel more like using a standard pen than ever before. The S-Pen will also work a bit like your computer mouse. For example, clicking and dragging over the many thumbnails of photos in your gallery will allow you to select multiple items by dragging, just like you would on your PC's desktop. Samsung has also improved its S-Note app, so now you can snap a picture with your camera and edit it afterwards, even if the note is titled (S-Note automatically rotates it).

As for the camera, we're looking at a 16-megapixel sensor (likely the ISOCELL unit from the Galaxy S5) with Smart OIS, which combines Optical Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization to get your shots snapped faster, and help you with low-light photography and also keep video capture shake-free. Samsung also claims that the camera will now let 60% more light in than before, which would hopefully improve photography in dark environments. As for the selfie cam, Samsung has put a 3.7-megapixel snapper, with f/1.9 lens, and the ability to take selfies by just holding your finger over the rear camera, and then releasing. What's more, the Note 4 can also shoot selfie panoramas, much alike to the Huawei Ascend P7.

Going back to the QHD display on the Note 4, Samsung didn't go into much detail, but said that while the battery hasn't increased in size, component efficiency improvements across the board, allowing for an even better battery life for the Note 4, despite the massive increase in the number of pixels in comparison with its predecessor. The Note 4 will also support for fast charging -- apparently you'll be able to charge the phablet from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes. And for those of you who are wondering, Ultra Power Saving Mode is coming to the Note 4!

A partnership between Samsung and DropBox will get you a whopping 50 gigs of free cloud storage if you go for the Galaxy Note 4.

Source: PhoneArena
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I've had my eyes set on the G3 since I heard about it, but I do love me a Samsung flagship :)

Can't wait to fool around with the new S-pen, even though I'd probably never get used to using it by default.


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Bernard1995 said:
Sorry to tell you my S3 is kinda competition for iPhone 6 even tough its from 2012 :)
I don't really get into that.. I just like iOS a whole load better, and like how iphones are built its not plastic like samsung lol


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Hobbs said:
I don't really get into that.. I just like iOS a whole load better, and like how iphones are built its not plastic like samsung lol
That's what you think. If you drop a iPhone once, the whole screen is broken. If I drop my S4, still good.