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CatchU is a popular video chat app which provides strangers a 20-seconds' with each other. It's super easy to meet new people free around you and the world. When you enter a chat, you two like each other, it's a match!

Meanwhile, when you received gifts from each other, the video chat time increases. More gifts, more chat time, more fire, more popular! Whether you are student, Generation Z, single or freelancer eager for a new random video chat, CatchU is your best choice!

Spend your time dating or meeting with cool guys online, enjoy a friendly and random live chat with safe guarantee! Follow CatchU and redefine your lifestyle right now!

So, how it works?Kappa

Once you register for the
CatchU App, you verify your phone number, age and whether you are male or female – it then asks you to allow access to your contacts. Then, you can meet and chat with new friends in a video chat.

Once connected both users have to "add time" to continue with the FaceTime, otherwise, the chat will disconnect.

What is fire and how to get it?

Fire is a representation/symbol of how popular you are in
If someone gives a gift which can add chat time, you will receive Fire frequently during video chat.


How many Fires you can gain is related to how long you have a video chat with him/her and the value of a gift. Which means that if someone gives you a gift that values a certain price and time, you will gain the Fires piece by piece during video chat as long as you keep talking with him/her.

Once you stop video chat with him/her when the chat time does not reach the value of a gift, you will not gain all the Fires.

If you have more questions in CatchU, be comfortable to contact us in the following ways:


Facebook @CatchU

Twitter @CatchU

Instagram @catchu_videochat

Snapchat @CatchUVideoChat