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We offer Rainbow Six Siege Level 30 accounts & Platinum/Diamond/Champion Ranked accounts!
Our Rainbow Six Siege accounts come at Level 30 or above, & the account is fresh and ready to go. Perfect for your alternative or smurf!
We have had over 200+ successful transactions with 100% positive feedback!​

+15,000 Renown :: $12.99
+450,000 Level XP :: $6.99
Rainbow Six Siege Win Boosting
Gold or below :: $3 per win
Platinum III :: $4 per win
Platinum II :: $6 per win
Platinum I :: $8 per win
Diamond :: $10 per win
Champion :: $13 per win
Placement Matches
10 Placement Match Wins (Platinum 3) :: $25
Custom Placement Match Wins :: $3 per win


- PayPal
- PaySafeCard
- CashApp/Venmo/Zelle
- Various Others (Ask)

ninjaa43;37669287 said:
+vouch sent money then he gave me my account info i recommend u buy +++++rep
Neuroxium;37701886 said:
+vouch bought 2 Accounts, no Problems at all!
Discord -->
Vezzo said:
+1 legit bought 2 accounts
CroNiX said:
+1 bought 1 account went first.
Expect said:
+1 verry fast, will buy again
Expect said:
+1 Bought 2 accounts, working like a charm
RiskyCake said:
+1 very fast and stupidly efficient
weasel said:
Bought an account, got exactly what I paid for hella cheap
christopher said:
bought an acc - reply time was fast and product delivery was even faster
Neuroxium said:
+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast
Mega said:
+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast
Riptide said:
+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast
Limerence said:
+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast
JesusIsGay said:
+1 bought 1 account, got details very fast! Excellent!
Atom said:
+1 bought 1 acc, got details everything went smooth and quick!
Trulee said:
+1 bought 1 account, responded swiftly, recommend!
Jmo said:
+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast
esor said:
+1 started a chat at 12:19 and received the account at 12:23 extremely fast and highly recommended
johnystamos69 said:
Bought an account, immediate and great service!
Zeyfu said:
Great customer service, answered all of my questions and had fast delivery!
Trulee said:
Twelve in the morning and this man still responds within one minute, what a wizard.
chief said:
bought an account yesterday, everything seems good!.10/10
Weeaboo Slayer said:
lando43 said:
works :100:
YeezAE said:
ℌ���������������������������� said:
Works fine
TFG said:
This man is all around a great guy ! the account works great and ive been smacking famous streamers all morning !
Honestly great service and he is willing to work with you .
20/10 service . Thank you for everything its been a pleasure!
GrizzlyBear said:
Definitely 100% recommend I’ve searched online for hours and he has the best prices too
nam said:
Jxrdn said:
vouch 110% legit
Riptide said:
It's been a while since I bought a account but let me just say in case anyone has any doubts at all. In all honesty you will probably not find a better deal for a smurf. You are literally buying the game because the lowest version of this game costs $20 but if you buy this smurf then you get that plus a ranked ready account that you have full email access to and you get like 6 DLC ops to start with. Most other places try to charge you $30-$40 for a smurf. This is low of a price you can give. He is also 100% legit. Not one person has ever get scammed and no one ever will. I trust this sells with my life, that's how confident I am that he isn't ever gonna scam. There isn't a better place to buy accounts on the internet as far as I can see. So if you have any doubts at all you can message me and I will give you all the proof to show you he is legit.
TommehzUK said:
I have purchased two accounts using this service one via uPlay and one via Steam and both were delivered within minutes i would recommend anyone to use this service as it is quick and easy and you can use easy payment options such as paypal
Squishy Banana said:
10/10 Bought smurf, definitely trusted
Rough476 said:
A solid service provided by a trustworthy guy, 10/10 would recommend.
ArayniMax said:
Fast and friendly: 10/10
FPSJaws said:
Fast very nice and good to work with 10/10 would recommend
NiBba MikeHawk said:
JT said:
instant delivery, no problems at all. I recommend
CrockDan said:
10/10 fast and trusted!
Ricky said:
8/10 took only 20-ish minutes for the lvl 30 account. Unfortunately no operators but that's okay.
Steedy said:
1000/10. Once we can down to a deal, it took around 10 mins for me to be playing on my new account. Would recommend to anyone.
Ririchi said:
10/10 stop reading this vouch and buy. would not just recommend to anyone, i'll forward my cat to trihard so they can start their ranked careers too.
LesPaul said:
great communication, fast delivery, and as said account. great service provided will definitely purchase again
Ansu said:
Vouch, TriHard is faster than lightning. If you ever need a account quick and he has them in stock, this is your guy.
Shepherd said:
Vouch - quick and professional, thanks and see u soon :slight_smile:
zipKiu said:
10/10 got nothing else to say
lmaooo said:
+rep, fast and was helpful, thanks again
Classy said:
100% legit, if anyone has any questions about buying accts, you can ask me.
Smurfz said:
this man is 100% the number one seller of siege accounts
FROG said:
yo really quick and easy transaction. I got my account in under 5 mins 100% trusted
bluefacebaby said:
100% everything was simple and easy
lmaooo said:
bought another account, insta delivery, +rep :pogU: the legend
Smurfz said:
The best man traded him a another acc and he is a legend with the insta delivery
Rtila said:
+1 To this amazing legend, One Word for him = TRUSTED!
Ayame.HL | Fladi said:
bought a 20$ account and it all went fast and well. Would do it again :smile:
juinior said:
bought another one from him... excellent once again
TentacleTodge said:
got my first account from him and its great :slight_smile: :heart:
linear said:
bought an account, took a while, but no scam, so im happy
bigboomkaboom said:
Instant ! Love this guy .
2vCam said:
i got my alt account its legit
Vvctorr said:
Legit and amazing guy!!! just bought from him very trusted
Itachi said:
It was a super quick and easy transaction. This guy the homie saved me a lot of time I didn’t need to speed leveling a new account
chafe said:
cheap, quick, nice guy
chafe said:
ordered twice now, quick easy and time saving. he also answers quick af
bigboomkaboom said:
10th time ordering from the r6 store and once again 10/10 service with instant delivery !
mio said:
Basically instant, fast responses and complete access to the account, could not ask for a better service.
Szyma 'TWiX' said:
Fast response, full access, very good service.
Would buy again
Steve... said:
Quick response, help me figure out my specific issue for the best price. Great guy!
Snoweyy said:
10000000% legit what a great service, would recommend him to anyone!
PX M4ttY said:
100000% legit i swear on my life, it was fast and straight to the point, mad respect for not scamming me, would reccomend
���������������� said:
Best seller out there for Rainbow Six Siege accounts. Bought lots of Rainbow diamond accounts from him. 100% Legit.
Rtila said:
+2 Second Time Ordering from him, no scams no bullshit, proper clarity and the job gets done within no time. 1000/1000
bigboomkaboom said:
+5 .
ordered 5 times now and I only work w this man . 100% legit and customer service is through the roof .
Spyce said:
First time using imo went well got a new siege account and now I know where to get good and high ranking accounts
Blakeololol said:
Nervous at first buying, but after reading reviews and finally going through with the purchase, this guy is dope. legit, no cap.
PX M4ttY said:
+2 ordered 2 times got great servies fast and quality, would buy again
Smurfz said:
dude is amazing man fast delivery and is a dope guy
ExemplaryWut said:
+Rep, Ordered a Deluxe account from him, everything went smoothly, account info was delivered right after the payment being processed. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of purchasing an account! great guy!
Chafe said:
+rep, 4th time buying off trihard, this time i bought an ultimate acc and everything was perfect. everything is always given quickly and quick support
Suzugamori Gray said:
Fast and deliberate if anyone looking to get R6 account can look for this guy.
bigboomkaboom said:
+6 20/20 service once again . 6th time ordering and it was faster than the first , thanks trihard . let me get that ass one day
Infinite said:
+rep 69/69 was great, would buy from again.