Runescape 2007/RS3 - Player MOD Account Autowin 400M RS06

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What kind of account: I've had this account for over 12 years. I've been an active player mod for over 8 years. This account over the years has accumulated around 2.4B Exp. It has multiple 200M Skills. And a few of them are top 50 in the world on Runescape Highscores. There's not much else to say about this account other than it's had a lot of time put into it. It also has Player Moderator Status on OSRS.

Why I'm selling: As the original owner of this account, I have had some good memories in this game, but as I grow older my interests are elsewhere, I'm honestly burnt out on this game and find myself bankstanding until the next set of comp requirements come out, or just logging in every two weeks to keep my mod status. I now avidly enjoy modding within the PS3 Community and have gone back to console gaming apart from Steam gaming. In other words, I am retiring after many years of being an active part of the RS Community.

Terms and Conditions: I cannot for the security of the Player Moderator status give you the name of this account. I can however if there is a willing mod or admin on this site have it verified through them, to in fact show them that this account is legitimate. Upon purchase I will give you all the info that is relative to this account. I will also reserve the right to not sell if I feel like the reserve is not met. I cannot in anyway have a test recovery done on this account if you wish to keep the player moderator status. Also willing to use an OMM at your expense.

Pricing and payment options: I will take BTC or Western Union only, I will not bend on this, I have done all of my trading on this site through BTC, so I will continue to do so. I will not take RSGP, CSGO, OSGP, anything digital. I would like a cash option.

A/W: 400M RS07