SE'ing from JustEat [UK]

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Here's a way to SE from JustEat to get a free takeaway. Here are the steps I took:

1) Order a nice takeaway, I wouldn't spend a ridiculous amount though, I did this with a £40 order. Use your debit/credit card to pay.

2) Give your delivery address and have a friend wait outside the house and pickup the takeaway instead of you. This isn't necessary but is useful in case JustEat call the takeaway.

3) The next morning use the JustEat live chat and say something like: I ordered a takeaway last night and it never arrived, however I never got an email saying the order was cancelled? The agent will say it should have been delivered, just act like you're certain that nothing ever arrived. 

The agent I spoke to attempted to call the takeaway, I used live chat at 12pm GMT (takeaway was closed so they wouldn't have answered phone). Agent they said if I'd like a £40 JustEat voucher to cover the cost of the takeaway, I agreed. They probably would've sent a full refund to the card I used if I persisted, but I was happy with a voucher.

Let me know if any of you try this.

Proof: (only a tiny snippet of the email as I couldn't be bothered to edit out the voucher code)

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Katie said:
It's good but surely this means the small UK businesses are the ones losing out?
No, the takeaways keep the money you paid and justeat give you a voucher to encourage you to use their service again. If the takeaways were the ones losing out I wouldn't be doing this.


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Nice share broaski
But next time you order I'm gonna spit in your food, I hate people that don't tip and then call to complain
P.S. You don't wanna know what I do when I'm out of mayo for the sandwiches ;)