Selling 346m For Habbo Thones

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I've done plenty of 'serius' business. I can sell you thrones for RSGP, but no way in hell will I go first to someone who is probably banned from Sythe for scamming.. Not to mention the fact that you joined recently, have four posts, and zero feedback..

I'd gladly MM though! Oh wait you don't trust anyone........
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oh my username is yur a g00f and no im not banned but still purchase stuff on it
its legit i see
but anyone looking to trade please pm me
You don't want to use an official middleman, and you want everyone to go first for you despite the fact you have no positive feedback. Yea thats not a scam at all.

The only people who are going to do this, have probably lost all their stuff to some nigerian prince that emailed them about claiming his fortune already.