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It's been around for a while but hasn't been promoted very much by Valve yet (I think I know why though).

Anybody tried it out or looking to try it out?

If I ever manage to finish my gaming PC I'm going to look at getting it installed, but I hope they've made good progress on hardware driver compatibilities by then. Also, the OS installer better be fixed by then or I'll have to use the manual installation method ;/.

If you don't know what it is, it's basically a Linux-based (Debian, I think) distribution based on Steam and the Steam client. If you've ever run Steam in 'Big Picture' mode it basically looks like that. Google it otherwise.

The layout is clean and beautiful, some great animation in the UI, and it even has native controller compatibility (with PS/XB) so you can use it as a standard game console but PC gamers that use controllers are pussy dickheads. Also I think they're releasing/have released their own controller ;/.