{Towelroot} Root almost any Android device

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Enable developer mode by going to "Settings", "Security" and checking "Unknown sources".
Click here to download the APK.
Install the APK by running it from "Downloads".
Run the installed app from your app drawer
Click the button that says "Make It Ra1n".
The phone reboots and you now have root access!
Install your favorite root app from the Play Store, such as SuperSU.
This worked perfectly for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5. I am successfully running root apps, like Root Explorer, plus the Xposed Framework is installed.

Credits: geohot

Definitely invited: AT&T GS5, Verizon GS5, GS4 Active, Nexus 5
May have some troubles at the door but invited: AT&T/Verizon Note 3
Possibly invited: Every Android phone with a kernel build date < Jun 3

Killed bugs:
Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-722276 is FIXED! Redownload.
Fixed Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-636608 thanks to analytics.
Download failed issue should be fixed.
Fixed Sprint Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-951486
Nexus 5 v2 issue fixed

Known bugs:
Note 3 with kernel 3.4.0-257432 doesn't seem to work. Updating to 722276 should fix.
Newest Moto and HTC don't currently work because /system is write protected.
Detected as Andr.Exploit.Ratc by some virus scanners. It is an Android exploit. Will not fix.​