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Okay so today I spent some time understanding if its possible to get verified on Twitter, so I've found this URL;

Reading on some forums here is the tips I got:

1) Unless you have a header, display picture and a website link they will not even submit you.
2) Saying you are a musician or actor in your bio significantly increases your chances.
3) Having a podcast or free song released on iTunes also significantly increases your chances.

Now I sent mine in today being me, I've done keynote speaking with Steve Wozniak etc, so I'm assuming I will get it (NO PROMISES)

But I've left this here to see if anyone can get verified and to openly give you a challenge :)

P.S - Anyone who can get verified, plus can make a solution for some of my accounts to be verified will get a free upgrade...

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Buy a shit ton of followers and shit from some forum or website, make your page look like some artist, fashion designer or something like that and you should be good tbf.