Want To buy Fifa 14 Coins Ps3 800k-2m

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Hello Cavva,

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VirtualTrades is your safest and leading way to buy and sell gaming goods. May it be Habbo, Runescape, Minecraft or any other game you can think of! - We have a constant demand of practically everything!

But what about scammers, how am I safe?

To stay safe and scam-free we recommend you check three things before you complete a trade;

  1. Check the Skype Impersonators list by clicking here.
  2. Request a forum PM from the user - remember to ask the user to provide any details such as skype name in a private message.
  3. Screen record all trades, in the small chance of a scammer - to make sure we can permanently exclude any scammers that may register from the forums, we need the proof. Please record all trades.
We also have middlemen available to further help in the safety of the community, if you're not sure what a middleman is then click here - for a list of official and unofficial middlemen click here.

Anything else?

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